Supreme Steamer, LLC

Let us clean your tile-grout, carpet, upholstery, auto/boats, area rugs, and don't forget about emergency water damage extraction services.

About us

Supreme Steamer LLC can clean your tile/grout, carpet, upholstery, auto/boats, area rugs, as well as offers emergency water damage extraction services.  A good cleaning can bring new life to areas that at first glance would appear to need replacing. In addition to increasing the value of your properties, cleaning instead of replacing is the greener and eco-friendly choice.

Supreme Steamer LLC is the reliable and experienced answer to your steam cleaning needs.  Having worked in Flagler and St. John’s Counties for the last 15 years, Owner and IICRC Certified Technician, Jorge Fuentes has gained the trust and respect of many of our local residents who have stayed faithful to his character and high standard of customer service.  No service is just a cleaning. IICRC Certified Technicians makes sure that all steps are taken to make the properties look their best.  Our IICRC Certified techs are armed with the training and the knowledge to take on some of the toughest jobs with confidence.  Along with an exceptional standard of service, Supreme Steamer LLC provides competitive straight forward pricing.   “Supreme Service and Price” is our motto and guarantee to bring only the best of both to your listings. 

Supreme Steamer LLC puede limpiar su azulejo / boquilla, alfombras, tapicería, auto / barcos, las alfombras, así como ofertas de servicios de extracción de agua de emergencia daños. Una buena limpieza puede traer nueva vida a las áreas que a primera vista parece que es necesario sustituir. Además de aumentar el valor de sus propiedades.
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